Wedding photography through the ages

Wedding photography through the ages

Wedding photography through the ages Different types of photography

Since the rise of technology and social media, more and more people are taking up the art of #photography. The internet has enabled hobbyist photographers to easily shift into photography as a career direction. The result of this is masses of #wedding photographers with different packages, prices and #styles and a massive headache to a bride. The downfall of this is, to the untrained eye many #photographs may look very similar, and the emphasis then shifts to the price. The issues only arise after the completion of the work, when the bride becomes disappointed by the quality and lack of skill demonstrated. I would like to give you a helping hand today in choosing the best wedding photographer for you. Wedding #photographers work in different styles, and once you can identify the style that suits you the most as a #couple, all you need to worry about is finding the best one within your budget.


This is the style I like to use when photographing a wedding. It is the same style your mother and #grandmother had in their wedding albums, before the rise of #artistic and modern photography styles. The aim of this style is for everything to be crystal clear, all the faces to be perfectly lit and the images to simply look timelessly beautiful. Couples may go for this style if they do not want to tie their wedding photographs into a specific year or decade.


This style revolves more around the wedding photographers skill in #creating artistic images. The couple may sometimes be very far away within the frame, in a beautiful set, or an extremely washed out image. This is a modern style that your mother and grandmother may not like or even deem to be wrong. This is a very fun #style, and in result; you will receive unique, highly visual #images but you may not always be clearly visible on them.


This style is not for the faint-hearted. It involves a lot of direction from the photographer and takes time. The couple could be asked to be in a specfic set such as a farm around sheep and take many fun and #strange photos. If you are a bit camera shy, do not have the time on your wedding day, or would prefer your images to be about the wedding, avoid this style.


This style is perfect for the shy couples who do not like their #photos being taken but want #memories of their day. In this style, the photographer takes a back-seat, rarely organising and directing shots, rather focusing on capturing the event as it happens. Of course, in the couples session, some direction will still be give.

Once you have decided which style would suit you the most, all you have to do is decide on your favourite photographer within your budget. Remember, most photographers nowadays adapt 2 or 3 of these styles in a single wedding. Classic at the start, lifestyle and artistic at the couples shoot, and classic at the reception. However, all photographers have a certain style stamp which you will notice throughout. Wedding photography through the ages wedding photographyWedding photography through the ages

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